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COVID-19 Resources for Agriculture

COVID-19 Resources for Agriculture

COVID-19 is creating unique challenges for agricultural operations. WSPS remains focused on providing critical prevention and safety services during this time - helping agricultural operations navigate the pandemic to ensure the safety of their workers.

Managing the Risks of COVID-19

WSPS can help you understand the risks of COVID-19, improve management of the risks in your operations and build capacity for the future through:

  • A pandemic recovery toolkit with measures and controls to manage COVID-19 risks
  • Awareness sessions specific to the subsector
  • Assistance in completing a pandemic response checklist
  • Conducting a pandemic response program gap analysis including an associated facility walkthrough and provision of a summary report
  • Preparing pandemic response procedures customized for the business including training
  • Conducting a pandemic response program audit including a summary report

Our Customer Service Team can connect you to a WSPS Account Manager to discuss your needs. Call 1-877-494-9777 to speak with a customer service representative.

This project is funded in part by the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.

COVID-19 Resources for Agriculture

COVID-19 is creating unique challenges for agricultural operations. WSPS remains focused on providing critical prevention and safety services during this time - helping agricultural operations navigate the pandemic to ensure the safety of their workers.

Our COVID-19 website provides information, resources and supports including agriculture-specific health and safety guidance.


Agricultural Safety Tailgate Talks (English & Spanish)

These tailgate talks consist of short 10-15 minute hands-on conversation pieces which supervisors and other appropriate personnel can use with seasonal agricultural workers. Included are 16 topics which address specific hazards along with an introduction providing guidance for use. Topics can be grouped or delivered separately as appropriate.

Developed as part of the Seguridad Agrícola - Agricultural Safety Tools available in Spanish and English.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Battery Safety (English & Spanish)

Lead-acid storage batteries are chemical machines that produce power on demand. Learn how to use and store batteries in a safe manner.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Caught in or Caught-Between Objects (English & Spanish)

To understand why accidents involving being caught-in or between objects occur and how to prevent them.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Chain Saws (English & Spanish)

To know what safety precautions to take when working with a chain saw and to practice proper maintenance of the chain saw.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Chock & Block (English & Spanish)

To be able to secure a vehicle or piece of equipment using the proper chock and block method.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Cold Weather Exposure (English & Spanish)

To recognize the symptoms and results of overexposure to the cold and the precautions for preventing overexposure.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Electrical Shock (English & Spanish)

High voltage, current, grounding and resistance are basic electrical terms. Electricity and proper grounding work together for safety.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Farm Pond Safety (English & Spanish)

A farm pond is used to control soil erosion and flooding and to provide water for recreational purposes, livestock, irrigation, fire protection, and fish production.

Agricultural Safety Topic - First on the Scene (English & Spanish)

Unlike automobile accidents farm rescues are more difficult due to the ruggedness of the farm equipment and poor accessibility to the scene.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Flammable Liquids (English & Spanish)

Flammables should be stored in a self-closing safety can. Storing flammables in open containers can cause the liquid to vaporize and create an ignitable mixture.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Hand Held Tools (English & Spanish)

To be able to use hand held tools in a safe manner.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Hand Pallet Trucks (English & Spanish)

Moving materials with a hand pallet truck may seem easy, but safe handling requires skill.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Harvesting Equipment with Cutterbars (English & Spanish)

Cutterbar-equiped harvesting equipment includes sickle cutterbars, rotary disk cutterbars and field combines. The operator should be familiar with the mechanisms and the safety precautions to follow when using harvesting equipment.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Heat Stress (English & Spanish)

To be able to identify symptoms of heat stroke and exhaustion and recognize emergency procedures for both.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Hydraulic Systems (English & Spanish)

To know the hazards that could occur from working with hydraulic equipment and how to prevent them.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Intro to Agricultural Safety (English & Spanish)

To know that safety training is important and that it can reduce accidents.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Jacks (English & Spanish)

To know how to correctly use jacks for equipment repairs.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Loading Docks & Warehouses (English & Spanish)

To be able to recognize loading dock and warehouse hazards.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Lockout Tagout (English & Spanish)

To be able to properly lockout and tagout equipment.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Material Handling Devices (English & Spanish)

To be able to use tools and equipment effectively and safely to move farm materials.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Musculskeletal Disorders Prevention (English & Spanish)

To help identify potential MSD hazards in the workplace that can lead to injuries, including sprains and strains.

Agricultural Safety Topic - No Riders on Farm Lawn Equipment (English & Spanish)

To know the dangers associated with riders on farm equipment and mowers.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Orchard Ladder Safety (English & Spanish)

To be able properly use orchard ladders.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Overhead Electrical Hazards (English & Spanish)

To be able to prevent contact with overhead power supply lines.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Personal Eye Protection (English & Spanish)

To learn the proper use and care of eye protection.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Portable Fire Extinguishers (English & Spanish)

To know how to identify the types of fire extinguishers and be able to properly use them.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Power Lawn Mowers (English & Spanish)

To be able to operate power lawn mowers according to safety guidelines.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Power Take Off (English & Spanish)

To become aware of the dangers of the Power Take Off (PTO) systems, and to learn to use the system safely.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Preventing Falls (English & Spanish)

To be able to recognize hazards and be able to prevent falls.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Preventing Lifting & Overxertion Injuries (English & Spanish)

To be able to lift properly to avoid injuries.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Preventing Machine Hazards (English & Spanish)

To reduce hazards and prevent accidents involving machinery.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Proper Use of Ladders (English & Spanish)

To be able to demonstrate the safe use ladders that are used primarily for construction and/or maintenance jobs.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Properly Cleaning Storing Respirators (English & Spanish)

To be able to clean and store respirators according to the presented guidelines.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Protecting Against Noise (English & Spanish)

To know the effect of noise on hearing, and to practice proper protection against unsafe noise levels.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Protecting Hands & Fingers (English & Spanish)

To understand the need to protect fingers and hands, and how to prevent injuries.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Protecting the Head (English & Spanish)

To know when and what type of head protection to use.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Protective Gloves (English & Spanish)

To be able to choose what type of gloves are needed for the job.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Respirator Fit (English & Spanish)

To wear the correct respirator for the job and make sure it fits properly.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Rollover Protective Structures (English & Spanish)

To understand the risk of tractor overturns, and the effectiveness of the proper use of Rollover Protective Structures (ROPS).

Agricultural Safety Topic - Rotary Agricultural Mowers (English & Spanish)

To understand hazards associated with rotary mowers and methods for reducing those hazards.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Skid-Steers and Loaders (English & Spanish)

To understand and know how to prevent the dangers associated with the skid-steers and loaders.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Skin Irritants (English & Spanish)

To be able to describe the hazards that can occur when solvents and acids come in contact with the skin, and know how to prevent this exposure.

Agricultural Safety Topic - Starting & Stopping a Tractor (English & Spanish)

To be able to start and stop a tractor the proper way.