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Small Biz Safety Podcast Episode 24 | NEW Naloxone requirements | will they impact your business?

There are new naloxone requirements for Ontario workplaces – do you need to comply? Find out when the new legislation comes into effect and how it could impact your business (0:53). Then, hear how an easy-to-use tool and short video can make hazard assessments simpler (5:40).

Note: This episode was recorded on January 24, 2022. All information presented was in effect at that time.

Resources For This Week's Topics

Naloxone and the Workplace

New naloxone requirements: do you need to comply? Your top questions answered - The answer depends on whether your workers are at risk of overdose. But how do you determine that? The process just got a little clearer, says WSPS Consultant Pam Patry.

News Release: Ontario Providing Free Naloxone Kits in Workplaces - Life-saving kits required to be on hand in at-risk workplaces by June 1, 2023

New Free Hazard Assessment Tool

Free Hazard Assessment Tool - Download this template and use it to control hazards and reduce injuries and illnesses in all types of workplaces, industry sectors and work tasks.

Short Explainer Video – How to use the Hazard Assessment Tool – This short explainer video will walk you through the process of using the free hazard assessment tool in just over 2 minutes.

Perform a hazard assessment to make your business safer a step-by-step guide - When your employees arrive at work, are they aware of the hazards around them? Find out how to assess and control hazards in your business to keep workers safe.

Pedestrian Safety

8 winter safety tips for pedestrians 

Top 3 winter hazards: how to keep employees safe 

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