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Cultivating Safety Podcast 4 | Seasonal safety tips for farmers

As the mercury begins to dip and the harvest season draws to a close, icy temperatures, fewer daylight hours and the threat of winter storms pose new safety hazards on the farm. Preparing for the risks common to the season can help to protect your people, your livestock and your equipment. Cultivating Safety Between the Rows is back with timely safety expertise, resources, and solutions to protect your farms greatest asset. 

As the winter season sets in, Hosts Kristin Hoffman, Consultant with Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) and Gord Gilmour, of Glacier FarmMedia talk to the experts for advice on how to minimize risk and avoid accidents.

On this episode, we look at managing exposure to the cold, ice and snow on the farm. Fred Young, WSPS Consultant, joins Kristin and Gord to talk winter safety.

In the second half of the show, working alone may be an unavoidable part of your farming activities, but recognizing potential hazards, planning ahead and focusing on the work at hand can reduce the risk of injury or death. Nicole Sherman, a consultant with WSPS, highlights some of the dangers and shares guidance on how to stay safe while working alone. 

Tips, tools, training, and resources to plan for safety this season and every season. 

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