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Small Biz Safety Podcast Episode 23 | Mailbag | Safety Experts Answer Your Questions

It’s time for our experts to answer your questions! Find out about the latest on masking guidance, learn how to reduce the risk of violence and harassment during stressful times, and if you regularly employ 6-19 people, find out how you can get free safety training! And just in time for the holidays, hear about safe food handling, winter driving tips, and decorating safety as you make the season merry and bright.

Note: This episode was recorded on December 6, 2022. All information presented was in effect at that time.

Resources For This Week's Topics
Question 1: Masking

Some resources that can help small business employers address the issue of masking are the Workplace Safety Plan Builder , Workplace masking guidance and an excellent, free, 20-minute recorded webinar that pulls it all together – helping you to make decisions about the use of masks in your workplace and developing your workplace policies to support this.

Small Biz Safety Episode 16 January 2022 “Masks Revisited: Omicron Update

Small Biz Safety Episode 4 February 2021 “Masks: The Next Frontier

Question 2: HSR Training

Sign up for Health and Safety Representative (HSR) Basic Training - Ontario | WSPS 

Health and Safety Representative (HSR) training: reimbursements available for your small business 

Question 3: Violence & Harassment

Small Biz Safety Episode 17 March 2022 " Violence and Harassment Prevention: De-escalation Tips by Small Biz Safety Podcast " ( 

Question 4: Holiday Decorating Safety

Keep the holiday spirit bright with these 12 tips for safe decorating | WSPS 

NIOSH Ladder Safety App 

Question 5: Winter Driving Safety

Road safety: winter edition | WSPS - Road safety: winter edition 

Question 6: Food Safety for the Holidays

Appetite for Safety: A CBC News investigation about food safety in B.C. 

General food safety tips

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Have health and safety questions? Contact the WSPS Duty Consultant by email or call 1-877-494-WSPS (9777).

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