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Small Biz Safety Podcast Episode 2: Are You Ready for a COVID-19 Workplace Inspection?

Run a small business? Let safety experts Kirsi Henry and Jack Minacs walk you through simple steps to make your workplace safer and your business better.

Ontario workplaces are preparing for COVID-related education and enforcement visits from provincial offences officers. What are these visits all about and how can you prepare? Then, get ready to be inspired! Kirsi Henry and Jack Minacs speak to Alisia Williams, of Ron H. Williams Inc. – bronze winners of WSIB’s Small Business Health and Safety Leadership Awards. And ‘tis the season to take care of YOU – hear about some steps you can take to protect your mental health.

This episode was recorded on December 8, 2020. All information presented was in effect at that time. Please check with your local Public Health unit to confirm up-to-date prevention measures that are in place in your area.


Ontario Launches Workplace Education and Enforcement Campaigns (Media Release):…rcement-campaigns

Resources for COVID-19 (200+ Guidance Documents, Tip Sheets, Posters, Videos, etc.):

WSPS COVID-19 Resource Hub:

Develop your COVID-19 Workplace Safety Plan:…place-safety-plan

COVID-19 Response Framework:…rio-safe-and-open

INTERVIEW WITH ALISIA WILLIAMS OF RON H. WILLIAMS DRAINAGE INC. (Winner of Bronze Small Business Health & Safety Leadership Award)

• Williams Drainage Inc.:

• WSIB Health and Safety Excellence Program:

• WSPS Small Business Centre Safety Road Map:

• WSPS Health and Safety Excellence Program Provider Information:…llence-Program.aspx

• WSIB Small Business Health and Safety Leadership Awards:…y-leadership-awards

Protecting Your Mental Health

“In Praise of Walking” – book by Shane O’Mara:…king-my-new-book/

Research on Loneliness:…ing-as-health-risk

Effects of lack of sleep:…results-sleep-loss

Websites for information and tips on personal care:

Ontario Ministry of Health “Healthy Choices”:

Health Canada’s Healthy Living:…ealthy-living.html

CCOHS Health & Wellness:

Suicide Prevention Line: Call 1-833-456-4566 or text 45645

Survey report from the Canadian Mental Health Association (conducted in September 2020) - reported that 1 in 10 Canadians had experienced suicidal thoughts:…-as-pandemic-wears-on