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WSIB Health & Safety Excellence program

Looking to enhance your organization's health and safety? How about WSIB premium rebates and expert guidance? With a century of experience, WSPS is your trusted safety advisor in Ontario, guiding members to success. Regardless of your business size, we encourage you to join.

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About the Program

The WSIB Health and Safety Excellence program is a performance-based incentive initiative offering Ontario businesses a clear roadmap to boost workplace health and safety, providing both financial and non-financial rewards.

With over 40 health and safety topics to choose from, businesses can customize the program to meet their specific needs, focusing on the areas that matter most to their health and safety goals.

Program Benefits

  • Financial rebates
  • Program participation acknowledgement (digital badge)
  • Introduction to Ontario’s health and safety system partners and programs
  • Access to easy-to-use health and safety resources and solutions
  • Assists businesses in maintaining focus and progress while developing their H&S system and achieving compliance
  • Improved business health and safety culture
  • Networking opportunities
  • Workplace injury and illness prevention

How WSPS helps

As a WSIB approved provider, WSPS assists in developing and implementing health and safety topics, offering support from leading experts, a dedicated Health and Safety Excellence program team, exclusive tools, resources on a members-only Community Site, webinars, and networking opportunities. Members also enjoy a 10% discount on select WSPS courses, conferences, workshops, and consulting services.


All businesses with an active WSIB account can participate. Those not paying WSIB premiums (Schedule 2) are eligible for non-financial rewards. Businesses with a workplace traumatic fatality during enrollment are not eligible for HSEp rebates until a WSIB decision is made.

Program Steps

Four easy steps lead to Health & Safety Excellence program success, where your efforts, combined with our support, coaching, and guidance, determine outcomes.

Step 1: Get Started

  • Register with WSPS.
  • Complete a health and safety needs assessment and culture survey to identify health and safety gaps in your workplace.
  • Select up to five health and safety topics that your business will work on (Action Plan).

Step 2: Develop Your Topic(s)

  • Receive support and coaching from WSPS experts to develop and implement your topics into your business.
  • Access exclusive tools, resources and sample programs on our WSPS community site.
  • Attend optional webinars and networking sessions to further your understanding of the topic and progress your plan.

Step 3: Demonstrate Action

  • Create your evidence package (demonstrate how you have implemented your topics).
  • WSPS reviews evidence package and provides feedback.
  • Incorporate WSPS feedback.
  • Submit evidence package to the WSIB for validation.

Step 4: Achieve Success

  • Receive a WSIB financial rebate.
  • Earn program participation badges for successful completion of program levels.
  • Display your program participation badges on your website, social media channels and/or other marketing media. (optional)

Note: Rebate amounts depend on completed topics, business size, past claims, insurable earnings, and WSIB premiums from the previous year.

Program Cost

The cost to participate in the Health & Safety Excellence program is based on the amount of premiums a member paid in the prior year for the related WSIB account.

WSIB Premium Amount Excellence Program Registration Fee:

WSIB Premium AmountRegistration Fee
< $100,000$800
$100,000 - $1 million$1,700
$1 million+$2,500


  • All fees are non-refundable once activation of the WSIB Health & Safety Excellence program digital platform occurs.
  • The application fee will not be refunded if the member leaves the program or is removed from the program due to non-conformance to the Terms and Conditions of Participation.

Volume Discount

Businesses registering five or more WSIB accounts into the program will receive a $200 discount per WSIB account registered.

Current Incentives

WSIB Smaller Business Incentives (Smaller businesses (1 – 99 full-time employees)

  • Topic Selection Incentive ($1000 per Acton Plan)
  • Double rebates: Minimum $1000 per topic, up to a maximum of $50,000, without exceeding 100% of the previous year’s premiums

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