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Farm Safety Roundup, Ep 2: The invisible risk of hazardous atmospheres

There are potential safety risks in all aspects of farm operations; highly visible hazards from handling livestock to maneuvering large pieces of equipment. But there are also invisible hazards that can sometimes go unnoticed, until its too late.

In the second episode of Farm Safety Roundup, RealAg’s Shaun Haney connects with Dean Anderson, Strategic Advisor for Agriculture with Workplace Safety & Prevention Services, to explore the topic of hazardous atmospheres, what makes them hazardous, and the right steps to take to protect farmers, their families, and their workers from harm.

Tips, tools and resources


Farmer's Lung: The Risks and How to Reduce Them

Protecting your Team from asphyxiating gases


Silo Gases and Safety

Grain Entrapment

External Resources

CASA Carbon monoxide Toolkit Brief