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Pilot Study: Developing an Innovative Approach to Reduce Young Worker’s Lost Time Injury Claims

Young workers

Young Workers aged 15-24 are at a greater risk of injury than older workers1. Simply being new to the workplace may pose a threat to health and safety, because inexperienced workers are unfamiliar with the environment and often lack sufficient job training. Many youth are not aware of their legal rights and are, thus, ill-equipped to request training to appropriately identify and manage potential hazards. Based on the allowed lost time injury of young workers in the Manufacturing sector in Essex in 2016, top priorities that need to be addressed include injuries caused by struck by objects (SBO) or equipment and struck against objects or equipment.

The aim of the research study is to conduct a root cause analysis (RCA) that will help uncover the key health and safety influences, barriers and unmet needs that have resulted in injuries caused by SBO in young workers in the Windsor-Essex region of Ontario.

The information from the root cause analysis will then be utilized to develop an effective solution that will prevent and decrease the number of injuries caused by SBO. The recommended solution will go through a development process, and implemented for further verification and validation of success.

A final research report will be produced to identify the requirements for development of the toolbox, delivery methods, current results and insights for direct, intermediate, and ultimate outcome evaluation of the program. Development of the solution will be based on the results of the needs assessment. The development of the recommended solution will be considered on the basis of; impact, feasibility, evaluability, resource capacity and transferability.  This stage will ensure that the recommended solution is designed in accordance with all legislative requirements.

Currently WSPS is seeking young workers (16 - 24 years old) and/or supervisors from manufacturing organizations in the Windsor Essex Region to participate. Participants will receive the opportunity to connect with health and safety experts and will receive gift card of monetary value as a token of appreciation.

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