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Small Biz Safety Podcast | Episode 29 | Protect employees from wildfire smoke

Wildfires are expected to continue for the rest of the summer and to increase in intensity, severity, size and duration in future. Learn how you can use the Air Quality Index and protect employees from the impact of wildfire smoke. Guest is WSPS Occupational Hygienist, Gord Pajuluoma.

Note: This episode was recorded on July 19, 2023. All information presented was in effect at that time

Resources For This Week's Topics

6 ways to protect employees from wildfire smoke

Wildfire Smoke in Canada: Understand the health risks to ensure workplace safety with a Q&A

Air Quality Health Index (

Wildfire smoke, air quality and your health (

Guide to developing human rights policies and procedures (Ontario Human Rights Commission)

Wildfire Smoke infographic (OHCOW)

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