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Hazard Assessment Tool Instructions

This assessment tool works works well in small workplaces. The tool can be applied to all types of workplaces, industry sectors or work tasks.

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How WSPS Can Help

Whether your supervisors are new or experienced, you'll find the training solutions to help them to create the safest, most productive, workplace possible. WSPS solutions will enable supervisors to:

Know the Law

Learn how to navigate the OHS Act and understand the duties of a supervisor.

Understand the Hazards Training

Learn how to recognize, assess and control the hazards in your workplace - from machines to racking to strains and sprains.

Gain Essential OHS Skills Training

Grow the skills needed to carry out OHSA legal duties.

Ensure Workers Know How to Work Safely

Take advantage of these great solutions to help supervisors train workers.

Learn How to Be Effective

Develop the skills to be a truly effective supervisor - skills like communicating and coaching, dealing with diversity and managing conflict.