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Cultivating Safety Podcast Episode 1| Planting The Safety Seed This Spring


Cultivating Safety Between the Rows is a new series that speaks to the high rate of lost-time injuries (LTI’s) in the agriculture sector, sharing safety expertise and solutions to protect your farm’s greatest asset.

In the first episode, hosts Kristin Hoffman, Consultant with Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) and Gord Gilmour, editor with Glacier FarmMedia tackle two timely topics.

Up first, the smell of thawing soil, the promise of a new season and planting the safety seed this spring. Jay Remsik, Health & Safety Consultant looks at how good planning makes good business sense and can prevent the loss of people, property, and time.

In the second half of the show, the stigma around farmer stress and mental health. Mental Health expert, Danielle Stewart examines the impact of the stigma around mental health, how it affects farmers and how to break it down.

Take some time Between the Rows to cultivate a culture of safety and protect your farm’s greatest asset; presented by Glacier Farm Media in collaboration with Workplace Safety & Prevention Services.

Tips, tools, training, and resources below to plan for safety this season and every season

Agriculture and Horticulture Safety Centre

Orientation on Health & Safety for New Agricultural Workers e-course

Video: Stop Think Act: Equipment Maintenance

Small Business Checklist 1 to 5 Employees: Agriculture

Small Business Checklist 6 to 19 Employees: Agriculture

Small Business Checklist 20 to 49 Employees: Agriculture

Mental Health Resources

Crisis Services Canada: Canada Suicide Prevention Service

Ontario Farmer Wellness Initiative

Saskatchewan Farm Stress Line

Mental Health and Agriculture Resources 

Daily Chore: Handling Stress on the Farm

Video: Raising Awareness of Mental Health in Agriculture

Video: Continuing the Conversation of Mental Health in Agriculture

Video: Stop Think Act: Mental Health