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eOffice Ergonomics

E-Office Ergo: Ergonomics e-learning for Office workers was developed by the Institute for Work and Health. This web-based tool is made up of nine modules that cover everything from working postures to workstation adjustments, with instructional information presented through text, photos, video and interactive components designed to engage users. There are also review questions and exercises to reinforce key concepts are throughout the module. The training is self-paced and learners can complete these 10 minute modules as their time allows.

The training supports, but does not replace, the expertise of trained professionals to conduct workstation assessments and provide further insights on ongoing issues such as:

  • Working postures and work breaks
  • Computer input devices
  • The computer monitor
  • The comfort zone
  • Common ergonomic strategies
  • Explain the importance of varying work posture
  • Determine the key factors in maximizing their "comfort zone"
  • Explain the importance of healthy computing habits, including rest breaks

You can download the interactive and self-paced web version from the Institute for Work and Health.