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Workplace slips, trips and falls

Silhouette images of each person slipping, tripping and falling

While they may seem harmless, slips, trips and falls are some of the most common causes of workplace injuries. 

Tips to stay safe from workplace slips, trips and falls

Images of a person wearing safety gear and a safety work boot

Make sure your footwear is in good condition and is appropriate to the hazards present. For ex. having a good sole for oily environments or wearing safety shoes when required. If you have questions about your footwear, ask your supervisor.

Images of a tool kit and cleaning supplies

Keep your workplace clean. Floors must be visible at all times, free of spills, small items, and clutter.

Image of a wrinkled carpet, broken tile, slopped and uneven floors with a caution sign

Check the condition of the floor – wrinkled carpets, broken tiles and sloped and uneven floors are all accidents waiting to happen!

Image of a clock and worker wearing safety gear

Work calmly and take your time – many slips, trips and falls happen when we’re trying to do things too quickly.

Image of a silhouette person walking up stairs

Use handrails when you’re walking up or down stairs.

A person carrying boxes blocking their view ahead and a cart carrying boxes

Don’t carry items that block your view of the path ahead. Consider using a cart for large or awkward objects.

A safety worker wearing safety gear holding a tool kit.  Cell phone, clipboard and two people talking in no red circile images.

People can only safely manage one task at a time. Keep your mind on the task at hand, and avoid anything that will distract you– like using your cell phone, taking notes or having a conversation. 

Safety workers standing together

If you have any questions or see anything unsafe, talk to your supervisor. By staying alert and aware, you can go home safe at the end of the day. 

You can also watch the video version of Workplace slips, trips and falls.