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Welcome to the New

Welcome to the new

Hello and welcome to the new!

Launched on August 23, 2021 we're excited you stopped by to see what all the buzz is about.

As leaders in health and safety, we strive to reach as many Ontario businesses, employers and employees with the information they need to stay safe on the job. And, the new is going to help make this a reality. - new site; same vision

Informed by conversations with you - our stakeholders, customers and industry experts - we've redesigned and redeveloped our site, putting you at the centre of every update and revision.

A welcoming place for well-versed health and safety professionals and those just entering the OHS world, the new is about to become your go-to source for leading edge health and safety information.

We've worked hard to ensure you can find what you need, fast. And, accessing us has never been easier. The new has been optimized for a seamless experience, regardless of what device you're using: mobile, tablet or desktop computer. No matter if you're sitting in an office, roaming a retail floor or standing in a barn, the new will be there to serve you!

As you explore our site, here are a few great things you'll find.

  • Curated content to fit your individual needs.
    • Employer or employee, choose the path that's right for you, directly from our homepage.
    • Sector specific content, we've got that too! Agriculture, Manufacturing, Services.
    • If it's a hazard that's got you stumped, narrow your search and find answers fast.
    • One of Ontario's many small businesses? Visit our Small Business Centre created just for you. Same great content as before, just modernized for a better user experience.
  • A Resource Hub 850+ resources deep - tools, templates, guidance documents, and more at your fingertips.
  • An easy to use SHOP, for when you're in the market for training, eCourses, webinars, events and other health and safety solutions.
  • Clear explanations of your roles and responsibilities.
  • Support for developing your health and safety policy & program.
  • Multiple ways to connect with WSPS team members - phone, email or simple online form.
  • And, a powerful search function always at the ready.

Bottom-line, the new is here to help

So go ahead. Click, explore and reach out to learn more (1-877-494-9777). We're happy to help you any way we can.

Lynn Brownell
WSPS, CEO & President