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When you work with WSPS, you have access to our team of over 100 professionals across the province, each with a diverse area of expertise. No matter where you are on your safety journey, WSPS can help.

From compliance training, hazard identification and risk assessment, to completing a full review of your health and safety program, we deploy best-in-class knowledge, experience and quality management standards to get you where you need to be

Solutions to Identify & Assess Hazards

Do you know which hazards in your workplace pose the greatest risk?

Identifying risks and taking action to prevent possible injury or illness is vital to keeping your employees safe, your business uninterrupted and organization in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and applicable regulations.

Overwhelmed and not sure where to start? Let our experts be your guide.

Hazard Identification

During a Hazard Identification, a consultant will conduct a physical conditions inspection. They will visit your business, inspect the physical space and identify hazards. You will be presented a report of the identified hazards; valuable information you can use to build your action plan.

Hazard identification is the first step to mitigating risk and should be followed by an assessment to support prioritization of addressing the highest risk hazards.

Hazard Assessment

Completing a Hazard Assessment requires strong knowledge of potential hazards and appropriate controls, best practices, guidelines, regulations and legislation. This can take significant time and staff resources. Why not let WSPS safety professionals do the work for you?

A WSPS consultant will work with you to identify hazards, then assess each according to best-in-class industry standards. They’ll review your business by work areas, positions or tasks, talk to your staff and supervisors, and potentially review internal documents. The result, a personalized written report ranking workplace hazards by severity, so you know what to prioritize first. You’ll also receive suggestions on how to manage the hazards, leaving you with an action plan to protect your workers and your business.

Detailed Job Task Hazard Analysis

When a high-risk job has been identified in your workplace – or there are recurring injuries or illnesses in a particular role – a Detailed Job Task Analysis is recommended.

During a Detailed Job Task Analysis, a WSPS safety professional will closely review the identified job. They’ll visit your workplace to observe the tasks being performed, interview affected worker(s) and review your documentation. Our consultant will then break the job down into a sequence of steps, identifying possible hazards for each and assessing their level of risk. Most importantly, they’ll recommend the safest way to perform the job using controls. At the end of the process, you’ll receive a report outlining job specific recommendations and possible action items.

Technical Hazard Assessment

Some types of hazards may require a Technical Assessment due to the nature of the work or a strong presence of a particular hazard. Hazards which may require a technical assessment can include Noise, Air Exposure, and Machine Safety.

When the need for a Technical Expert and Hazard Assessment is identified, our consultants will provide a detailed scope of work, including expected outcomes.

Workplace Violence Risk Assessment

A Workplace Violence Risk Assessment will help you recognize behaviours, conditions, circumstances and work practices that could contribute to incidents of workplace harassment and violence.

Completing a Violence Risk Assessment supports your legal obligation under the Occupational Health & Safety Act, as well as reduces the potential risk of violence in your workplace.

WSPS will visit your organization to observe the physical conditions of your business and talk to your employees to better understand potential workplace risks. Best in class methods are used to conduct this work, including the Occupational Health and Safety Council of Ontario Model for Risk Assessment and the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development Guideline for Program Development.

Program Development & Implementation

Struggling to find the time and resources needed to build an effective workplace health and safety program, or make your current program more effective? WSPS safety experts will help you build a proactive Occupational Health and Safety Program customized for your business.

Health & Safety Program

A WSPS consultant will work with you to create written health and safety processes and develop resources for you to use (e.g. checklists, inspection forms, etc.) so you'll have a full safety manual.

Our experts will help you create a full rollout plan so you can get your newly formalized program up and running with your staff. We can also help you through extended consulting to take action and bring your plan to life.

Violence & Harassment Prevention Program

Did you know the Occupational Health & Safety Act requires all Ontario businesses to have a violence and harassment program and policy, as well as a program to implement the policy?

WSPS can help you create a Violence & Harassment Prevention Program (VHPP) founded on the findings of a Workplace Violence Assessment to meet your legal obligations and help you prevent harassment and violence in your workplace.

Hazard Specific Control & Prevention Program

Sometimes the output of a technical hazard assessment may require a specific hazard prevention program to mitigate the risk. Some examples of programs WSPS can assist you in developing include hearing loss, designated substances and MSD prevention.

Continual Improvement

A good occupational health and safety program grows with your organization. Wherever you are in your journey WSPS can help. Through a gap analysis and health and safety audit, WSPS consultants can provide you guidance, save you time, help reduce injuries and lower costs.

Gap Analysis

A WSPS gap analysis will compare your health and safety program to known best practices, standards and legislation. We will provide you an action plan that will close those gaps and ensure your program is strong enough to meet your goals.

Health & Safety Compliance Evaluation

A health & safety compliance evaluation is a review of your current health and safety program, comparing it to Ontario's Occupational Health and Safety Act and applicable regulations. This service provides an objective external assessment to determine the effectiveness of health and safety policies and programs implementation at your workplace.

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