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Help manage risks with WSIB's online Compass tool

WSIB's online Compass tool

Looking for assistance in managing your company's health and safety risks? The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board's (WSIB) online Compass tool can help.

Now offering faster, easier and better access to your own data and WSIB information, Compass can help you make more informed decisions on how to improve health and safety performance and return-to-work outcomes.

You can log in to Compass and view a personalized dashboard that displays exclusive insights, customized analytics, trends and rate information including:

  • insights into detailed claims, costs, premiums and rates including new 2020 rates,
  • key health and safety data including costliest types of claims, lost-time injury rates and return-to-work statistics,
  • customized workplace health and safety resources.

With just a few clicks, you can learn where injuries are occurring in your workplace, who's being injured, and what types of injuries are most common. For instance, if slips, trips and falls are the most common lost-time injuries in your workplace, it could be time to re-assess housekeeping and maintenance practices, revise work processes, or introduce targeted prevention initiatives.

"Compass allows business owners or individuals who manage the health and safety programs in their workplace to understand their workplace injury and illness trends and statistics to help them plan better for the future and keep their people safe," says Tom Teahen, WSIB President and CEO.

Check out these additional features

As part of a refresh of the WSIB's online services, you can also

  • use Compass to report an injury or illness, upload claim-related documents, register a new business, and make premium payments digitally,
  • visit to see summarized health and safety statistics of businesses registered with the WSIB. Use this information to compare your business to similar businesses and make informed decisions about who to do business with.

Compass and Check on Safety are part of a broader WSIB initiative to help workplaces take greater control of their health and safety performance. On January 1, 2020, the WSIB will implement a new way of setting premium rates for almost 300,000 businesses across Ontario. This new rate framework sets an average rate for each industry class based on their risk profile and share of responsibility to maintain the insurance fund. It also uses your workplace's insurable earnings, claims costs and number of allowed claims over a six-year period to set premium rates, so that your overall rate under the new model will reflect your individual claims experience and risk. The end result: more clarity and fairness in how premium rates are set and adjusted.

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How WSPS can help

Our consultants are ready to help you identify hazards, conduct risk assessments, and implement hazard-specific initiatives. Call our on-duty consultant to chat about all the ways we could help you improve your health and safety performance: 1-877-494-WSPS (9777).