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Safety around forklifts, cars, vans and trucks

A worker standing in the loading dock area with people, forklift, truck

In a fast-paced work environment, you may find yourself sharing your space with forklifts, cars, vans and trucks which are constantly on the move all around you. Staying safe means you need to stay a step ahead.

5 ways to stay safe when you’re working around vehicles

A safety worker standing in a lane and a forklift operator driving wrong way in a no red circle image

1. Stay in your lane. Use people-only walkways and stay out of loading zones or areas where vehicles are turning.

Image of a worker wearing a safety vest and hard hat

2. Be seen. Wear high-visibility vests and clothing so you can be seen by drivers. 

3Image of a worker standing and keeping a distance from a driving forklift

3. Keep your distance around forklifts. It can be hard for forklift drivers to see people on foot.

Image of a worker standing in front of a forklift in a no red circle.

4. Avoid their blindspots. Never stand: 

  • Behind, beside or 45 degrees to both the left and right of their vehicle. 

Image of a worker standing in front of a forklift in a no red circle.

  • In front of forklifts. Forklift drivers can’t easily see over their machines and the loads they may be carrying. 

Image of a forklift turning

  • Near the back of a forklift. When forklifts turn, they swing out from the back, like a fish’s tail. 

Images of workers communicating with forklift driver

5. Communicate with drivers. If you need to cross a vehicle’s path, use hand signals, and make eye contact so you know they’ve seen you. If in doubt, wait for them to give you a signal before stepping out.

Image of a safety worker remaining cautious near forklift, car, van and truck

Most importantly, always remain cautious anytime you’re near forklifts, cars, vans or trucks.

A group of warehouse workers standing together

If you have any questions or see anything unsafe, talk to your supervisor. By staying alert and aware, you can go home safe at the end of the day. 

You can also watch the video version of Safety around forklifts, cars, vans and trucks.