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Complete your health and safety training virtually

Virtual health and safety training

Virtual classroom training, the latest addition to WSPS' training repertoire, gives workplaces much needed flexibility now - in this era of physical distancing - and for the future.

Virtual classroom training offers an interactive learning experience that shares many benefits of in-person instructor-led courses. But now your learners can receive classroom training wherever they may be. A facilitator delivers the training live in real time over an internet-based platform, which allows participants to engage with the facilitator and each other. All participants require is a laptop or desktop computer with high-speed Internet, a web cam where required, and a telephone or cellphone to access the audio portion of the training.

WSPS offers public sessions (with participants from different organizations) and private sessions (with multiple participants from a single organization).

Why WSPS has added virtual classroom training

While in-person classroom training remains the format of choice for many workplaces, technological advancements have enabled us to expand our repertoire with self-paced training, eCourses, and now virtual classroom training.

"WSPS was already in the process of digitally transforming the delivery of our products and services before the pandemic," explains Josephine Case, Manager, Product & Service Solutions Development. "Digital training solutions enable us to share our health and safety expertise with a wider, more geographically dispersed audience, and in the face of pandemic-related travel and distancing restrictions, we accelerated the development of virtual learning courses."

How your workplace benefits

Here are the top five benefits of virtual classroom training:

  1. It's available now. Why wait for the resumption of public classroom training when we can train your people now? WSPS has scheduled six virtual classroom training courses (see below) at different dates and times, with more coming. Alternatively, schedule private sessions at a date and time of your choice.
  2. It offers greater accessibility, especially for operations with multiple or remote locations.
  3. It frees you from the restrictions of distance, especially if your learners can’t spare the travel time or are located far from conventional training locations.
  4. It minimizes participants' away time. Learners can be on the job minutes before and immediately after the training.
  5. It could save you money. At a time when travel is not encouraged, put your company's travel budget toward training instead.

What's on offer

We’ve already scheduled virtual sessions on these six topics, with more to come.

WSPS Safety Connection sessions have also gone virtual

WSPS' two-hour Safety Connections sessions provide an energizing forum where health and safety professionals can connect, exchange ideas and share best practices. These sessions, which are typically held at various locations across the province and showcase timely topics, have also gone virtual. The upcoming topics include mental health of employees and virtual safety committees.

Check regularly to see what's on offer.