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Small Biz Safety Podcast Episode 6 | Keep Young Workers Safe and Engaged

Learn from the results of COVID-19-related workplace inspections. Find out where to get guidance on vaccinations and the workplace (2:41). And, just in time for seasonal hiring, get some tips on hiring and getting through to young workers (6:14).

Note: This episode was recorded on April 8, 2021. All information presented was in effect at that time. Please check with your local Public Health unit to confirm up-to-date prevention measures that are in place in your area.

Resources For This Week's Topics

Ontario's Action Plan Doubles Ontario Small Business Support Grant 

Ontario Enacts Provincial Emergency and Stay-at-Home Order 

Segment 1: COVID Workplace Inspection Results/Vaccination info

Ontario Businesses Making Workplaces Safer - Inspectors See Increase in Compliance with COVID-19 Safety Requirements

4 reasons to remain vigilant as vaccinations begin

Segment 2 & 3: Young Worker Resources

4 ways to support new and young workers

Why young workers’ mental health deserves our attention

What we can all do to keep young and new workers safe - by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

Safety Say What? – site for young workers to learn about OHS

New and Young Workers Infographic Poster

Job Aid: Deep Fryer

Job Aid: Lawn Mower/Golf Course Mower

Job Aid: Working in Hot Environments

Job Aid: Cannabis & Impairment in the Workplace

Info Sheet - Orientation and Training General Information

Video: Effective Supervisor

 eCourse - Health and Safety Awareness for Ontario Workers (English) (1 hour) 

Contact Workplace Safety & Prevention Services

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Have health and safety questions? Contact the WSPS Duty Consultant by email or call 1-877-494-WSPS (9777)

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