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Small Biz Safety Podcast Episode 4 | Masks the – Next Frontier

There are COVID-19 variants lurking – what do they mean for you, your business and the masks you use? Safety experts Kirsi Henry and Jack Minacs get the scoop from WSPS’ “mask guru” Wagish Yajaman.

Note: This episode was recorded on February 9, 2021. All information presented was in effect at that time. Please check with your local Public Health unit to confirm up-to-date prevention measures that are in place in your area.

Resources For This Week's Topics

WSPS Article: 5 steps to keep up with evolving COVID-19 requirements

Rio Small Business Support Grant

In The News: Masks: the Next Frontier

WSPS article on how to safely use, handle and dispose of face coverings

WSPS Fact Sheet: Filtering Face Pieces, Masks and Fabric Face coverings Using Masks in the Workplace

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