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Small Biz Safety Podcast Episode 9 | Free Health and Safety Training for Your HSR

Learn how businesses with 6-19 employees can access free training for their health and safety representative (HSR) with a reimbursement from the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skill Development (2:15). Also, get the latest from the Public Health Agency of Canada on what activities are recommended for fully vaccinated Canadians (4:21). You’ll also hear tips on chemical safety and get 5 questions you should ask about every chemical in your business (9:49). Then, hear how your business’ HSR/JHSC can assist with building inspections and maintenance in the context of the recent condo collapse in Florida. (23:12).

Note: This episode was recorded on July 13, 2021. All information presented was in effect at that time. Please check with your local Public Health unit to confirm up-to-date prevention measures that are in place in your area.

Resources For This Week's Topics

Reopening Ontario

Roadmap to Reopen

WSIB Small Business Health & Safety Leadership Awards

In the News: Small Business Health & Safety Training program / Fully Vaccinated Recommendations/Small Business Health & Safety Training Program

Ontario Keeping Workers Safe As Province Reopens - Free health and safety training now available for small businesses - Health and safety for small businesses

Vaccination Resources

What being vaccinated against COVID-19 means for me - 

Using masks in the workplace

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for COVID-19 Prevention - Public Health Ontario  

IPAC Recommendations for Use of PPE for Care of Individuals - Public Health Ontario 

Chemical Management – it’s more than just WHMIS

COVID-19 and WHMIS: 7 Disinfectant Do's and Don'ts 

How to engage your employees in chemical exposure prevention 

Hazardous Materials resources 

Chemical Handling resources 

Workbook for Designated Substance Assessments 

Animated video - Napo in... danger: chemicals!

The Last Word: Building inspections

Ontario eLaws (refer to 25(2)(n))

Report of the Elliot Lake Commission of Inquiry – Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General 

Contact Workplace Safety & Prevention Services

Visit the WSPS Small Business Centre

Have questions? Contact the WSPS Duty Consultant by email or call 1-877-494-WSPS (9777)

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