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Small Biz Safety Podcast Episode 32 | Retail theft is on the rise | is your small business prepared?

With rising inflation, businesses both big and small are struggling with an increase in theft and retail crime. Is your business prepared? We share training tips so your workers know how to respond to suspicious activity and theft. Then, get reminders on personal security as we approach the holiday season.

Note: This episode was recorded on November 1, 2023.  All information presented was in effect at that time.

Resources For This Week's Topics

Building an OHS Policy and Program: Violence Assessment (WSPS.CA) -

Quick Safety Tips: Violence and Harassment in the Workplace (WSPS.CA) 

Reporting Workplace Violence and Harassment Procedures 

Retail thefts on the rise, becoming more violent: Retail Council of Canada (CTV News) 

New Toronto Crime Stoppers campaign targets ‘organized retail crime’ that goes beyond shoplifting 

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