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Impairment, Marijuana and the Workplace

Impairment, Marijuana and the Workplace

Workplace Impairment – Are your workplace policies up to date?

Understanding impairment in the workplace goes beyond illicit drugs and alcohol. Impairment includes anything that inhibits your employees' optimal performance, including:

  • fatigue,
  • drug use (over the counter, prescription, illicit, marijuana),
  •  alcohol consumption,
  • life situations,
  • workplace trauma (harassment, bullying).

A few things to consider when developing a health and safety plan around impairment

When it comes to building a health and safety plan that addresses impairment, it's essential to set the standard from the beginning. Reducing workplace impairment is one way to protect your workers' well-being and protect your business' health. You can achieve this in a few simple steps:

  1. Have appropriate mechanisms in place.
  2. Provide clear guidance to all workplace parties.
  3. Apply workplace policies and programs using a fair and consistent approach.

Recreational cannabis is legal in Canada

The Ontario government recently banned recreational cannabis use in the workplace. Like tobacco, you are required to take active steps to enforce this ban. Many workplaces are including cannabis use and its implications in their existing health and safety policies.

Putting all together

Having a plan or policy in place is the best way to show your employees that you understand and care. WSPS can help: 

  • Guide you in creating or revising your current policies and programs –  establish or change policies that meet and surpass federal and provincial occupational health and safety requirements 
  • Help you address the potential risks for impairment – we'll work with you to develop a comprehensive hazard/risk assessment.
  • Connect you with the help you need – we can refer you to reputable third-party providers for services and resources that go beyond our mandate.  

Ready to get started?

As a business owner, a comprehensive and thought out policy or program can create a more productive workplace for everyone in your community. You have the power to make a difference. For information and assistance, connect with us regarding WSPS' consulting services at

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