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What to do when you spot the signs of mental health challenges

Farmer looking into his fields with red checked jacket and denim hat.

Harvest season can be hectic. But it’s also a time to look out for the signs and symptoms of workers, friends and family members experiencing mental health challenges. They may be reluctant to share their issues and ask for help or even play them down. But mental health is just as important as physical health – and the impacts can be just as harmful as a physical injury.

Make your farm a safe environment to talk about mental health.

Here are 4 simple things you can do to help with others experiencing mental health challenges

  • Watch for family, friends and workers acting withdrawn or out of sorts. 
  • Break the silence. Talk about mental health and encourage others to share their concerns – whether it’s at work or home.
  • Listen. Be available to family, friends and workers struggling with mental health issues.
  • Offer support. Help others reach out for professional help if needed.

For additional mental health resources and support visit the Mental HealthTool Case for Farm Life.