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OHS Vulnerability Measure

The OHS Vulnerability Measure can be used to assess worker vulnerability to injury and illness risks in a workplace at any point in time. It can also be administered to gauge the success of an injury and illness prevention program in reducing vulnerability. OHS vulnerability is measured in in four areas: hazard exposure; workplace policies and procedures; worker awareness of hazards and OHS rights and responsibilities; and worker empowerment to participate in injury and illness prevention.

The study conducted by The Institute for Work and Health determined that workers who feel vulnerable to or not adequately protected from safety hazards report higher rates of occupational injuries. Researchers surveyed about 1,500 Canadian workers and concluded that workers deemed most vulnerable were 3.5 times to 4.5 times more likely to report being injured than the least vulnerable workers. The OHS Vulnerability Measure can help identify potential risk reduction strategies to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses.