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Cultivating Safety Podcast Episode 3 | Safe Practices for Livestock Handling

With the changing of the season, the to-do list for Canadian farmers is long… but time is short. Cultivating Safety Between the Rows is back with timely safety expertise, resources and solutions to protect your farms greatest asset.

As the workload increases, cool temperatures and dwindling daylight create a persistent sense of urgency, Hosts Kristin Hoffman, WSPS Consultant, and Gord Gilmour, Glacier FarmMedia, talk to the experts for advice on how to minimize risk and avoid accidents.

In this episode, Sheila James, long time cattle farmer and WSPS Consultant, reviews safe practices for livestock handling including animal behaviours and strategies to prevent injury.

In the second half of the show, Sara Lovell, WSPS Occupational Hygienist, highlights some of the top noise culprits on the farm and shares guidance on how to preserve and protect your hearing.


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