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Warehousing & Distribution Safety Consulting

Your customers count on you to store and ship goods on time and without incident. It’s a heavy load to bear. WSPS can help

Do you need help with protecting workers in your warehouse or distribution centre? Are you familiar with safe practices associated with machinery, racking systems, lift trucks, loading docks, and the constant movement of goods and people?

To prevent warehouse incidents such as slips, trips and falls, being struck, crushed, or even fatalities, you must understand warehouse safety practices. We can help you to get a handle on procedures and systems that will keep your warehouse or distribution centre safe.

Working with a WSPS Warehousing & Distribution Safety Consultant

Our experts understand how challenging it can be to keep workers safe in complex environments. We can show you how to control risks in your warehouse to improve your safety performance. In addition to racking system awareness, inspections, and program development, we offer a range of solutions that will help keep your operation safe and productive.

Steel Storage Rack Technical Awareness & Inspection

Through our Steel Storage Rack Technical Awareness & Inspection, we can help ensure your workers know what to look for when inspecting your steel storage racks. This is a two-part, half-day onsite workshop and inspection from our warehouse technical consultants. In a two-hour awareness session, participants will learn how to spot unsafe practices and the signs of improperly installed racking, overloading and damage caused by lift trucks, all of which can lead to racking collapse and associated losses. Following the awareness session, participants will join our expert on a one-hour inspection of your racks.

WSPS also offers a Warehouse & Distribution Center Inspection and a Traffic Management Consulting Solution to help you understand hazards related to your unique environment. These services include a review of documents, and a tour with pictures and interviews to better understand your safety issues. These services include a report with photos to illustrate your hazards and recommended controls, along with references to current applicable standards.

Steel Racking Program Development

Through WSPS’ Steel Storage Rack Program Development service, our consultants will help you to ensure mechanically loaded racking structures can be safely loaded and maintained at your workplace. We will help you to develop a comprehensive Racking Program, which can include training and program implementation inspection tools, supporting your overall Occupational Health and Safety program.

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