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Machine Safety & Robotics Consulting

Machines and robotics can benefit your workplace, but each come with their own potential hazards. Control the risks with our help

Industrial machines and robotic systems have the potential to cause severe injury to the employees that work alongside them. These machines harness several types of potentially hazardous energy, including electrical, thermal, chemical, pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical and gravitational forces.

WSPS machine safety and robotics experts can improve your understanding of the hazards and their associated risks in your workplace. We will work with you to identify effective safeguarding options to protect worker safety. Here’s how.

Identify and Assess Hazards

Do you know which machine and robotics related hazards pose the greatest health and safety risk at your facility?

Identifying hazardous energy or guarding hazards is the first step to preventing injuries and keeping your employees safe.

Overwhelmed and not sure where to start? Let our experts be your guide.

Machine Safeguarding Assessment

Machines and equipment have moving parts that can endanger a worker while in operation. Improperly guarded equipment can result in critical injuries such as amputations, lacerations, and entanglement, even fatalities. A Machine Safeguarding Assessment by a WSPS consultant provides a comprehensive onsite review of your existing machine hazards and controls. Recommendations for improved safeguarding will be shared following the assessment to enable the workplace to prioritize further action and development of your machine safety program.

Our consultants can assess all types of equipment, ranging from general equipment and automation, packaging equipment, computer numerical control (CNC) machine-tools, injection molding machines, robotic systems, power presses, and other related combinations.

Hazardous Energy Control (LOTO) Program Assessment

Ensuring a machine is inoperable and de-energized when performing maintenance or repairs protects workers from potential harm. If not adequately controlled, hazardous energy can have severe consequences: electrocution, burns, and crushing to name a few.

This is why a lockout tagout (LOTO) program is essential for any business using machines and robotics in their operations, and a requirement under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA).

A LOTO Program Assessment conducted by a WSPS consultant provides a review of your written LOTO program and its practical application. The review will ensure the program is working as intended and mitigating hazardous energy exposures. If additional controls are needed, they will be identified to allow the workplace to make necessary program changes and improvements.

Program Development and Implementation

Are you struggling to find the time and resources needed to build an effective machine safety and robotics program, or make your current program more effective? WSPS technical specialists will help you take a proactive approach to injury prevention customized for your business.

Risk Assessment for Machinery and Robotics

A strong machine safety program is built specific to the needs of the workplace and integrated into existing policies and procedures. The success of the program is dependant on the knowledge and abilities of key stakeholders in your workplace.

Our Risk Assessment for Machinery and Robotics workshop is designed to provide the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to identify and assess machine safety and robotics hazards according to CSA and other recognized machine and robot safety standards. The provision of foundational knowledge, templates and resources, along with a practical risk assessment exercise strengthens your internal and capacity to evaluate, maintain, and improve your machine safety program on an ongoing basis.

Lockout Tagout (LOTO) Placard Development

Ensuring a machine is inoperable and de-energized when performing maintenance or repairs protects workers from potential harm.

An effective lockout tagout (LOTO) program typically requires equipment-specific procedures which are identified on a LOTO placard. This placard identifies the energy source and where the equipment must be locked using a lock and tag.

In consultation with your staff, our experts will develop customized LOTO placards for your equipment to ensure all workers are aware and able to safely de-energize equipment during maintenance and repair.

Continual Improvement

A good health and safety program grows and evolves with your organization. There are a variety of ways our consultants can help


Our specialists have helped develop various learning resources and tools to increase your understanding of machine safety & robotics and machinery, tools & equipment, tools & equipment hazards.

Access these resources, along with many others, in our Resource Hub.


An effective health and safety program relies on your workers and supervisors having the information they need to be active participants.

WSPS offers a variety of training courses and events that can boost awareness and understanding of safety when working with machines and robotics, lockout tagout, and hazardous energy control. We offer a combination of in-person, virtual and eCourse learning options to help make this a reality.

Discover the training or event that's right for you.

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