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Machine Safety & Robotics Consulting

Our technical specialists work with you to assess and manage machine & robot hazards in your facilities

Industrial machines and robotic systems have the potential to cause severe injury to the employees working alongside them. These machines harness many types of potentially hazardous energy including electrical, thermal, chemical, pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical and gravitational.

We provide Machine Safety & Robotics consulting to help you to fully understand the hazards, associated risks, safeguarding options, and common practices to work safely with these machines and robotics systems.

Working with a WSPS Machine Safety & Robotics Consultant

Our experts can outline a broad array of machine and robot safety solutions to support your prevention efforts. We’ve based our solutions on the latest Canadian and international machine safety standards. In fact, many of our specialists are part of the technical committees that develop these standards.

We offer a variety of solutions to help ensure you are meeting standards and your workers are safe.

Risk Assessment: Machine Safety & Robotics

Training component – A risk assessment is a key step in creating a safeguarding strategy for machinery and robotic equipment as well as a requirement within CSA and other machine and robot safety standards. This training will outline the steps involved in completing a risk assessment. Our training is based on the Robotics Industries Association (RIA) technical report (TR R15.306) methodology for conducting and documenting risk assessments for machinery and robotic equipment.

Facilitation component – As a complement to the risk assessment training, a WSPS machine safety and robotics specialist will facilitate and lead a group of key stakeholders through a practical risk assessment meeting. The goal is to demonstrate a common approach for conducting a risk assessment and provide a sample document that you can use as part of implementing your own workplace risk assessment process.

Our facilitation will include task and hazard identification, risk estimation, and risk reduction considerations for specific machine and robotic equipment using the methodology outlined in the training. This facilitation session provides an opportunity to apply the risk assessment process in a practical manner.

Machine Safety Standards Assessment: Machine & Robot

This is an on-site service that provides a comprehensive review of the existing hazards and protective measures in place on machinery and robotic systems and recommends potential solutions. It can be demanding for a company to figure out what needs to be done to support compliance, so WSPS references ‘good practice’ standards such as CSA Z434, Robot Safety; CSA Z432 - Safeguarding of Machinery; CSA Z142 - Power Presses and CSA Z460, Control of Hazardous Energy. This consulting service includes review of all types of equipment found in the industry, ranging from general equipment and automation, packaging equipment, computer numerical control (CNC) machine-tools, injection molding machines, robotic systems, power presses, and combinations thereof.

Although this service is NOT intended or considered to be a Pre-Start Health and Safety Review (as required in Ontario under O. Reg. 851, s. 7), it can complement the process by providing important considerations that equipment owners can share with their Pre-Start Health and Safety Review providers.

Lockout Tagout Placard Development Service

Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) Placards are an important part of a Hazardous Energy Control Program. A general lockout program will explain the basic steps to lockout but will rarely cover the equipment-specific details to lockout equipment/machinery. The purpose of this service is to review equipment operation with knowledgeable staff, collect the details relating to specific steps and develop the lockout/tagout procedures for de-energizing and locking out equipment for your review and validation. Detailed equipment LOTO procedures are a requirement of the CSA Z460 Control of Energy, Lockout and Other Methods standard.

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