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Warehouse, Distribution, & Racking Health and Safety Consulting

Your customers count on you to store and ship goods on time and without incident. It’s a heavy load to bear. WSPS can help

Do you need help protecting workers in your warehouse or distribution centre? Are you familiar with safe practices associated with machinery, racking systems, lift trucks, loading docks, and the constant movement of goods and people?

To prevent potentially critical or fatal injuries, you should understand the hazards in your workplace and implement appropriate safety controls. WSPS consultants can help you identify hazards, train your staff and improve your warehouse and distribution environment, protecting your people and your bottom-line. This may include health & safety program development support, machine safety & robotics expertise or ergonomics applications.

Identify and Assess Hazards

Do you know which hazards in your workplace pose the greatest risk?

Your warehouse and distribution facility likely has mobile powered equipment, vehicles and people working alongside each other. This complex work environment can contribute to serious injuries, even fatal outcomes if the risk is not mitigated.

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Hazard Identification and Hazard Assessment

Knowing your workplace hazards and which pose the greatest risk, is key to building an effective health and safety program that will reduce the risk of workplace accidents, injuries and fatalities.

During a Hazard Identification, a consultant will conduct a physical conditions inspection and provide you with a report of the identified hazards; valuable information for building an effective action plan.

A Hazard Assessment builds upon Hazard dentification work. The assessment will help you prioritize your risks so you can develop an action plan that ensures the greatest threats to worker safety are addressed

Completing a Hazard Assessment requires strong knowledge of potential hazards and appropriate controls, best practices, guidelines, regulations and legislation. This can take significant time and staff resources. Why not let WSPS safety professionals do the work for you? Learn more about our Health & Safety Consulting Programs and Services.

Pedestrian Safety & Traffic Management

Warehouse and distribution centres are high-risk environments. Having mobile powered equipment, vehicles and pedestrians operating in the same workspace can be a recipe for disaster.

The first step to managing these risks is to understand the hazards. A Pedestrian Safety & Traffic Management Inspection focuses on the interactions between your people, equipment, and structures and the pedestrian safety risks that exist. Following the inspection, recommendations for improvement are provided so that the risk to worker safety can be mitigated.

Material Handling Process Review & Action Plan

Material Handling contributes to high-risk hazards in many workplaces and a continual focus area for the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development. A greater understanding of associated hazards and contributing practices is an important first step to maintaining worker health and safety.

Our Material Handling Process Review & Action Plan service is a review of your workplace processes and practices by a WSPS consultant to identify material handling hazards, as defined in the Regulation 851, section 45 & 46. A list of considerations and corresponding recommendations to help mitigate identified risks will be provided.

Next steps may include recommendations for additional detailed assessments, control or prevention program development, practice or process change, training, and a continual focus on improvement.

Technical Awareness & Inspection of Steel Storage Racks

Ensuring your steel storage racks are in good working condition is critical to ensuring the safety of your workers. Understanding their intended use and proper maintenance is the first step in preventing accidents and injuries.

Our consultants will educate you on how to spot unsafe practices, including improperly installed racking, overloading and damage caused by lift trucks. Following the awareness session, participants will join our expert on a one-hour inspection of your facility’s racks, providing an opportunity for your staff to apply newfound knowledge and ask questions of our expert.

Program Development and Implementation

Are you struggling to find the time and resources needed to build an effective health and safety program for your warehouse and distribution facility? Would you like assistance in making your current program more effective? Our WSPS experts can help.

Continual Improvement

A good health and safety program grows and evolves with your organization. There are a variety of ways our consultants can help.


Our specialists have helped develop various learning resources and tools to increase your understanding of warehouse safety & racking, material handling and warehouse ergonomics.

Access these resources, along with many others, in our Resource Hub.


An effective health and safety prevention program relies on your workers and supervisors having the information they need to be active participants.

WSPS offers a variety of training courses and events that can boost awareness and understanding of storage and racking, material handling, and warehouse ergonomics. We offer a combination of in-person, virtual and eCourse learning options to help make this a reality.

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