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Better Safety in the Ontario Workplace

Infection control resources

COVID-19: Protect your people

Since the start of COVID-19, our team of health & safety experts have prepared a host of critical resources to help businesses & individuals through the pandemic.

Proud to introduce our new COVID-19 Hub that gives you access to ALL our articles, checklists, webinars, eCourses and much more for businesses across Ontario.


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Heat stress and the COVID-19 factor

While heat stress is a recognized hazard in some workplaces all year long, extreme summer temperatures may introduce the risk into other workplaces. "And now there's the COVID-19 factor," says WSPS Occupational Hygiene Specialist Warren Clements. "It's generating questions the health and safety community hasn’t encountered before."

Complete your health and safety training virtually

Virtual classroom training, the latest addition to WSPS' training repertoire, gives workplaces much needed flexibility now - in this era of physical distancing - and for the future.

12 COVID-19 best practices from the warehousing industry

How effective are the controls you have in place to manage COVID-19? Are there even better ways to ensure the health and safety of your employees? As Ontario heads back to work, it's a good time to find out, says WSPS Senior Consultant Norm Kramer.

How employers can provide mental health support during the pandemic After three months of pandemic-related restrictions and physical distancing, many day-to-day tasks are more difficult now than at the start of the pandemic.
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