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Better Safety in the Ontario Workplace

Infection control resources

COVID-19: Protect your people

Since the start of COVID-19, our team of health & safety experts have prepared a host of critical resources to help businesses & individuals through the pandemic.

Proud to introduce our new COVID-19 Hub that gives you access to ALL our articles, checklists, webinars, eCourses and much more for businesses across Ontario.


Latest News

Find the gaps in your COVID-19 operational planning

Is your business in need of making changes to operations as a result of shifting provincial guidelines? There is a new online tool that can help you spot opportunities for improvement in your pandemic response.

5 best practices for bringing visitors safely into your workplace

When the pandemic began, many workplaces that were not open to the public applied a simple solution to the issue of visitors: no visitors allowed. But as the pandemic persists, this strategy may no longer be sustainable. For instance, an equipment breakdown or process change may require on-site technical support.

Mental Health Challenges and COVID Wave 2 – help your employees with these 7 practices

How can you help your employees ‘flatten the curve” of emotional distress during Wave 2 of the pandemic? We have some tips.

4 ways to prevent a COVID-flu “twindemic” in your workplace

The pitch: two invisible threats simultaneously infiltrate local communities. Unsuspecting residents spread disease as they go about their daily business. Everybody is at risk; nobody is immune. While this sounds like it could be a horror movie, it’s actually a worst-case scenario if seasonal influence (flu) converges with COVID-19.

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