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Assessing chemical hazards made easier with new tool for JHSCs

A new tool will soon be available free of charge through WSPS to help joint health and safety committees (JHSCs) assess chemical hazards during their monthly workplace inspections.

A 6 step guide to managing the risk of impairment The legalization of recreational cannabis has given new life to an ongoing workplace concern: how to reduce the risk of impairment. Acute effects include diminished mental alertness, physical coordination, reaction time, sustained vigilance, manual dexterity and judgment — all essential requirements for working safely and productively, says WSPS Consultant Kristin Oronato.
Critical injuries: 9 best practices for interviewing witnesses Interviewing witnesses to a critical injury is central to your accident investigation, but they may be experiencing shock, disbelief, emotional numbness and other symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). How do you show respect for traumatized witnesses but still uncover the facts you need to file your report with the Ministry of Labour and prevent a similar incident from happening in the future? 
Avoid this mistake: ignoring a harassment complaint Failing to address an employee’s repeated complaints of abusive and harassing behaviour at the hands of a co-worker has cost an employer over $200,000 in penalties levied by an Ontario Superior Court judge. “We can’t ignore inappropriate behaviours,” says WSPS Strategy Advisor Andrew Harkness. “Financially and emotionally it’s too costly for everyone involved — employers, employees, even their families.” 
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