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Better Safety in the Ontario Workplace

Infection control resources

COVID-19: Protect your people

Since the start of COVID-19, our team of health & safety experts have prepared a host of critical resources to help businesses & individuals through the pandemic.

Proud to introduce our new COVID-19 Hub that gives you access to ALL our articles, checklists, webinars, eCourses and much more for businesses across Ontario.


Latest News

Navigating proper mask selection and usage

Mask policies have been widely implemented across Canada as a primary way to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

Reducing close contacts to avoid transmission of COVID-19

Maintaining strict social and household bubbles has proven to reduce the risk of transmission in our personal lives.

Have a booming warehouse? Ramp up safety efforts

Ontario’s warehouse industry is booming as COVID-19 restrictions alter our purchasing behaviour.

New COVID-19 Response Framework: How to create your safety plan

The province's COVID-19 Response Framework, was announced earlier this month, and aims to keep Ontario "safe and open".

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