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Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) is a leader in providing impactful risk management solutions that drive lasting business success for our customers. WSPS offers unparalleled health & safety expertise, insight and solutions for creating healthy work environments where employees thrive and businesses prosper.

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Better Safety in the Ontario Workplace

You’ve probably already started to notice that building health and safety into your business can save you time and money, but did you know that organizational health is a significant contributor to business growth? In fact, studies have shown that healthy and safe workplaces generate 20% more revenue per employee, 4% higher profit margin, and can enhance market value by as much as 16%. WSPS is helping businesses like yours across Ontario achieve results like these.

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5 ways to add winter hazards into your slip, trip and fall prevention program

Slips, trips and falls consistently rank among the top four causes of workplace injuries. As temperatures drop and rain turns to snow and ice, WSPS consultant Kevin Smith offers tips on how to incorporate winter hazard considerations into your existing slip, trip and fall prevention program.

12 ways to engage workers in slip, trip and fall prevention

A recent prosecution resulting from the death of a worker who tripped on an empty pallet is a shocking reminder of how easily things can go wrong. We asked WSPS's Jennifer MacFarlane how warehouses, distributions centres and other workplaces could avoid similar incidents. Her immediate response: involve everyone.

Court decision: jail terms may become the

A recent sentencing decision involving the owner of a small roofing company suggests that the courts may be shedding their historical reluctance to impose jail terms in cases involving the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

New working at heights training requirements may affect you. Follow these 6 steps

If you have people working at heights and performing work covered under the construction regulations, get ready to comply with a new training standard that takes effect April 1. The standard requires that people working at heights on construction projects receive training if they are using travel restraint systems, fall restricting systems, fall arrest systems, safety nets, work belts and safety belts. A companion standard sets out requirements for training providers.

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