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Supervisor Responsibilities
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Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) is a leader in providing impactful risk management solutions that drive lasting business success for our customers. WSPS offers unparalleled health & safety expertise, insight and solutions for creating healthy work environments where employees thrive and businesses prosper.

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MOL Blitzes

New and Young Workers

Workplace Mental Health
Workplace Mental Health

How Managers Should Respond

OHS Research
OHS Research

Evidence-based tools & resources

MOL Blitzes
MOL Blitzes

Big Box Retail and Warehouses

What's On: Sep 21, 2018-Oct 03, 2018

Complete Health & Safety Solutions

You’ve probably already started to notice that building health and safety into your business can save you time and money, but did you know that organizational health is a significant contributor to business growth? In fact, studies have shown that healthy and safe workplaces generate 20% more revenue per employee, 4% higher profit margin, and can enhance market value by as much as 16%. WSPS is helping businesses like yours across Ontario achieve results like these.

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Supervisors Supervisors

Expert training solutions

Small Business Small Business

A safe and healthy business

WHMIS 2015 WHMIS 2015

What you need to know

Musculoskeletal Disorders Musculoskeletal Disorders

43% of work-related injuries

Noise Noise

Noise Awareness Day

Slips, Trips and Falls Slips, Trips and Falls

11,495 lost-time injury claims

Healthy Workplaces Healthy Workplaces

Learn how it can help you.

Legislative Compliance Legislative Compliance

Be aware of responsibilities

Machine, Tools and Equipment Machine, Tools and Equipment

Potential for serious injuries


Hazardous Materials

Employers Employers

Grow the Life of Your Business

Safety Groups Safety Groups

Building a Safer Workplace

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Please be advised that there is a new version of the WSIB Form 82 poster.
Legislation watch: 3 bills that may affect you We're tracking the progress of new legislation to ensure you get the latest information before new rules are enacted. Three bills stand out.
Big box retail/warehouse blitz: Pedestrian safety Traffic management and pedestrian safety will be under scrutiny during the upcoming Big Box Retail and Warehouse Blitz, October 1 to November 23, 2018, warns WSPS Consultant Chuck Leon. "This is huge right now and Ministry of Labour inspectors have written orders for this." The attention is due to a consistently high number of incidents involving vehicles and powered mobile equipment.
Small Business Week: Try our free advisory service If you're a small business, celebrate Small Business Week, October 14-20 by refreshing and invigorating your health and safety efforts. "Health and safety doesn't have to be complicated," says WSPS Account Manager Denise Lam. "Simple solutions can have a profound effect on the health and safety of your employees and the sustainability of your business."
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