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This Training Guide is designed to provide workers, managers and/or supervisors who have been designated to support the delivery of Lockout Tagout (LOTO) training with insights into how to prepare for and what to include in the training of both authorized and affected individuals (as defined in CSA Z460:20, Control of Hazardous Energy – Lockout and other Methods). This guide provides the tools to help to deliver effective LOTO training, and it is divided into three sections: how to prepare in advance of training, what to cover during training, and what to include in follow up activities once training is complete. In Advance of Training It is a big responsibility to provide LOTO training. Being well-prepared before the training takes place will ensure that these potentially lifesaving instructions will be impactful. Some elements to consider: 1) Establish Who Will Be Delivering Training. LOTO training could be completed by one individual or by a team of individuals. Having one trainer can create consistency in the messaging and application of LOTO. Ideally, this person will not only have experience with the applicable legislation and standards related to LOTO, but they will also have advanced knowledge of the machinery within the facility, so they are able to show how to effectively apply LOTO. In addition, the trainer must be familiar with adult learning principles to help ensure that the LOTO knowledge can be transferred effectively (WSPS' The Effective Trainer Training Course can help). In some cases, LOTO training can be delivered by a small team of people. The LOTO theory or 'in-class' portion by designated individuals and the practical or 'hands-on' portion by other designated persons. The practical elements would be delivered by someone that has extensive experience with the machinery in your facility. All trainers should communicate often and calibrate the messaging that is delivered to their learners. Each trainer must have a clear understanding of the applicable legislation, standards related to LOTO and understand adult learning principles. LOCKOUT TAGOUT (LOTO) TRAINING GUIDE WSPS.CA

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