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Moving to Action – Mental Harm Prevention Roadmap Primer

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The Conference Board of Canada 18 The employer can help to increase employee awareness of lifestyle risk factors, create opportunities to build skills to change and maintain new behaviours, and provide environmental support at work. 36 Examples of employer actions that support health promotion and mental harm prevention: • healthy choices in the cafeteria; • coverage for psychological services under a benefits plan; • flexible hours. Overcoming barriers • Develop harm prevention and/or health promotion initiatives that are proactive rather than reactive. • Outline all the financial resources required for a prevention program prior to implementation. • Consider behavioural readiness for change in prevention program design. 36 Barry and Jenkins, "Chapter 6: Promoting Mental Health in the Workplace." Building Block 8: Excellence Excellence—Define the components needed to implement, sustain, and continually improve a management system aligned to the National Standard. This also provides organizations with the opportunity to gain/explore different kinds of Psychological Health and Safety Management System (PHSMS) accreditation and recognition or certification. Why is this building block important? Not all employers will want to align with the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. And some employers may not be eligible for certificate of excellence programs that can have a positive impact on their reputation, and supplier/customer relationships, or entitled to Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) premiums. The purpose of this building block is to support those employers who want to align with the National Standard. Psychological health and safety strategies require continual improvement aligned to clearly defined goals. Celebrating those that are doing well will inspire other organizations to make a greater commitment to be better.

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