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Moving to Action – Mental Harm Prevention Roadmap Primer

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The Conference Board of Canada 14 It is also important that performance appraisals use this information to decide promotions. Creating a leadership philosophy that defines behavioural expectations for all leaders is an important action. Coaching and mentoring for managers can develop psychologically safe behaviours. Overcoming barriers • Promote help-seeking behaviours for leaders who struggle with their own mental health problems that can impact how they interact with their employees. • Encourage empathy for leaders. 20 Howatt, Vanbuskirk, and Adams, Facilitating a Safe and Respectful Workplace. 21 Howatt and others, Understanding Mental Health. 22 Leahy, Bridging the Expectation Gap. 23 Glasser, Choice Theory. 24 Beus and others, "Safety Climate and Injuries." Building Block 5: Culture Culture—Define specific actions to shape the culture and influence the social norms around respect, civility, teamwork, psychological factors, and basic human values. Why is this building block important? Culture is a critically important factor when designing a psychologically healthy and safe workplace. 20 The accepted social norms play an important role in the employee experience. A caring culture helps reduce stigma. 21 Employee expectation gaps can result in psychological strain and have a negative impact on how employees perceive the culture. 22 What is required to create a psychologically safe culture? Values are used by organizations and employees as part of their decision-making processes. 23 And when employees buy into values, they can influence behaviours that collectively influence culture. Workplace policies and procedures should also be in place to reduce the risk of harassment and violence. 24 As well, processes for workplace violence and harassment complaints must exist.

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