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Healthy Workplaces & Workplace Mental Health

Take your commitment to building a healthy workplace to the next level

Do you need help with program development, but not sure where to start? Good news! The expert consultants at WSPS can guide you through this process.

Workplace Mental Health (WMH) influences all elements of a healthy workplace, including culture, physical environment, employee well-being, psychological safety, and community involvement. WSPS has developed comprehensive healthy workplace solutions and wellness initiatives to support you as you create your own healthy workplace.

Remember, creating a healthy workplace is a strategic business move and communicates your commitment to going “above and beyond” basic health and safety requirements – all while reducing risks and costs, strengthening your competitive advantage, and creating a positive workplace culture .

Working with a WSPS Workplace Mental Health/Healthy Workplace Consultant

Programs and policies need to include a wide variety of elements such as mental harm prevention, diversity, and violence and harassment, so it can be daunting to know where to begin. Our workplace mental health consultants will guide you from start-to-finish. We can help you to identify any gaps in your current programs, or even help you build one from the ground up!

Solutions include:

Violence Prevention Program Gap Assessment

Do you have a violence and harassment program in place? This gap assessment ensures you have considered and assessed all risks of workplace violence that may arise from the nature of the workplace, as well as the type and conditions of work. A formal report is provided that outlines where there may gaps in your current program, and recommendations for addressing these gaps.

Workplace Violence Risk Assessment

Just getting started? A risk assessment is a great place to start. This service will provide you with a structured violence risk assessment following the OSCHO model endorsed by the Ontario Ministry of Labour. A documented Workplace Violence Risk Assessment specific to each workplace assessed, along with recommendations, and industry best practices will also be provided.

Workplace Violence & Harassment Program Development

Did you know that having a violence and harassment program in place is the law? A proper program ensures you have incorporated effective measures to prevent the occurrence of harassment and/or violence in the workplace, so employees are protected. We are here to help you develop your program, and provide guidance and recommendations at every step.

Workplace Mental Health: Administering & Interpreting Psychological Health & Safety Assessments

Take your workplace mental health program to the next level by implementing Psychological Health and Safety assessments! Administering, analysing and interpreting these assessments is a critical component of determining organizational priorities and workplace needs. To ensure participant personal information remains anonymous, WSPS will administer your survey, and provide you with an unbiased, fact-based review of findings, as an objective third party.

Implementing the National Standard CSA-Z1003

Planning on adopting the National Standard? A review of your current program status is critical in order to determine conformance and effectiveness of your program. As a trusted advisor, WSPS is part of the CSA/BNQ technical committee that created and maintains the Standard, and has the knowledge and expertise to assist you in meeting this program requirement.

Mental Health First Aid

When a physical injury occurs at work, it is essential to have trained staff ready to provide first aid until medical professionals arrive. These quick actions can help save lives.

Now imagine being able to provide mental health first aid at your workplace as well.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is an internationally recognized training course designed to increase knowledge of signs, symptoms and risk factors of mental health problems, so that participants can provide support to someone experiencing a mental health crisis and help them find the professional assistance they need.

This 9-hour course uses a mixed delivery model. Participants complete self-directed modules, as well as benefit from classroom instruction and discussion (in-person or virtual).

Connect with your WSPS Account Manager or a member of our solutions delivery team to learn about Mental Health First Aid training opportunities.

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