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Occupational Hygiene Consulting

We can help you to successfully address occupational hygiene in your workplace

Occupational hygiene consulting assists in anticipating, recognizing, evaluating and controlling harmful agents in your workplace. It’s essential to prevent overexposure to harmful agents, including chemicals (such as solvents, asbestos, carbon monoxide, silica), physical agents (such as noise and excessive heat), or biological hazards (such as moulds and bacteria).

Some signs of an occupational hygiene problem can be apparent, however, you’ll need an occupational hygienist’s expert skills to correctly identify, assess, and control these hazards, and prevent severe problems such as respiratory conditions, skin diseases, and hearing loss.

Working with a WSPS Occupational Hygiene Consultant

WSPS’ occupational hygiene consultants are highly experienced and ready to help you. Our experts understand how chemical, physical, and biological agents can affect human health, understand what exposure levels are safe, and how to reduce exposure using the hierarchy of controls.

We offer a variety of solutions to help ensure you are meeting legislated standards and your workers are safe.


WSPS’ occupational hygiene consultants can help you to assess exposure or the likelihood of exposure to harmful substances using the latest scientific techniques and tools. Our consultants will also share information on related standards and guidelines pertinent to the assessment and/or solution. Our occupational hygiene assessment services include:

  • Airborne Chemical, Biological Agents
  • Indoor Air Quality evaluations
  • Designated Substances Assessment and Control Program
  • Physical agents such as noise and heat stress exposure.
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing

Program Development

Our consultants can help you to develop prevention and protection programs to support occupational hygiene in your workplace. Our program development specialties include our Hearing Loss Prevention Program, Respiratory Protection Program, Heat Stress and Strain Programs and Designated Substances Control Program

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