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Family Farm Safety

Keeping your family & friends safe on the farm is important

If you operate a family farm, you have unique health and safety concerns. Unlike most other small businesses, your farm might be a workplace, a home, and a playground. Any farm has inherent risks and hazards – from large, high-horsepower equipment and sharp tools, to silos, storage and unguardable areas. Family members can be exposed to risks, may participate in farming activities and chores at a young age, and need to learn how to live and work safely.

We can Help to Keep your Family & Friends Safe on the Farm

At WSPS, we understand that safety is important to you, and we know family farms. Our history dates back more than 40 years to the former Farm Safety Association (FSA); we merged with the Industrial Accident Prevention Association and Ontario Service Safety Alliance to form WSPS in 2010.

To understand and meet the needs of Ontario farmers, we work in partnership with organizations like the Ontario Federation of Agriculture. And we partner with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) to raise awareness of safety in the agriculture community and influence behaviour change in the sector.

We have the expertise to help protect your family and friends. Learn how we can support you:

Farm Safety Information

What aspect of farm safety would you like to understand? We offer fact sheets, checklists, and guides on more than 40 agriculture safety topics such as farm equipment, farm ponds, tractor safety, heat stress, keeping kids safe on the farm, and more.

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Farm Safety Training

Would you like to go beyond basic information and upgrade your farm safety knowledge and skills? We offer videos and electronic courses that you can use to learn about topics such as orientation to health and safety, tractor safety and electrical hazards.

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Health & Safety Legislation

While the Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA) does not apply to farms without paid employees, you can verify your requirements and responsibilities by reviewing our Occupational Health & Safety Act Q & As.

Do you employ workers on your farm?

Need help keeping workers safe on your farm? Are you meeting your legal responsibilities and health and safety requirements?

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