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The Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) Team

The strength of WSPS is our experienced team of health & safety specialists & champions

With deep expertise, a culture of working collaboratively, and geographic distribution across the province, our team is always ready to serve Ontario workers and employers.

Choose from the options below to learn more about the members of the WSPS team.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors represents a variety of industries and geographies across Ontario and provides oversight, insight, and foresight to WSPS operations. Learn more about how our Board upholds best practices in governance and accountability, as well as leadership in workplace health and safety.

Senior Leadership Team

The WSPS Senior Leadership Team is a group of industry leaders with more than 100 years of combined health and safety experience.

Advisory Committees

WSPS draws on the expertise and leadership of our Advisory Committees to help Ontario businesses address and solve occupational health and safety challenges. See our full list of Advisory Committees, which are comprised of health and safety professionals representing ten industry sub-sectors.

Our Expert Consultants

WSPS consultants are certified experts in their field; from ergonomics to occupational hygiene, WSPS to machine safety - and all other aspects of health and safety. Learn more about our expert consultants and how they can help you to develop customized health and safety solutions.

Key Staff Contacts

Do you want to get in touch, but you're unsure of who to contact? Whether you have a question about health and safety, or you need help understanding or accessing our products, programs, or services, our representatives have your answers. See our list of key staff contacts to find the right person to answer your specific questions.

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