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Health & Safety Policy

Having health and safety information available to all employees is essential to support an effective Internal Responsibility System. The law specifies certain minimum information that you must post in the workplace.


Many workplaces have a health and safety bulletin board in an area where all workers pass by, such as the staff entrance way, locker room or the common lunch room. If you can’t install a bulletin board, post information on a wall that employees can easily access. Mobile workplaces could use a binder or information kit that stays in the vehicle. The important thing is to make the information accessible to all employees.

A health and safety policy is your commitment to workplace health and safety and ultimately, accident and illness prevention. A written policy statement is only required for workplaces with six or more employees.

There is no one right way to create a health and safety policy statement, but generally, it should include:

  • Your commitment to providing a healthy and safe workplace
  • Your commitment to following applicable laws
  • Your supervisor’s responsibility to maintain a safe work environment in their area of control

Your worker’s responsibility to follow the program and report hazards

As the employer, you must:

  • Sign and date the policy
  • Post a copy of the policy in the workplace
  • Review the policy annually (re-sign and post)

See the Download section for a sample Health and Safety Policy statement.

Health and Safety Program

You must also develop and maintain a program to implement your health and safety policy.

A health and safety program will be unique to each workplace but there are common elements, including:

  • A set of standards (policy, procedures) that define:
    • responsibility and accountability
    • specific requirements
    • health and safety activities
  • Communication of the standards
  • Training for employees
  • Evaluation of effectiveness
  • Continuous improvement

By working through the sections of the Safety Roadmap, you will begin to establish the foundation of a health and safety program.


Workplace Health and Safety Policy | a sample Health and Safety policy which can be used as a template. Employers are encouraged to use, reproduce, or customize this document / template to meet their health and safety requirements.

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