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First Aid

Is your workplace prepared to provide injured workers with first aid when they need it? Understand your responsibilities around providing first aid kits (and kit inspections), training, a first aid log, and when to report injuries to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).


Regulation 1101 First Aid Requirements

First Aid Kits
How many kits are required?The workplace will provide a first aid station equipped with:
  • a first aid box
  • a copy of the Form 82 Poster (In Case of Injury)
  • a stretcher and 2 blankets (only required for a workplace with more than 15 workers in any one shift)
  • a kit inspection recording form
Valid first aid certificates must be also be posted in the station.
Location of kitsThe first aid station must be easily accessible to workers.
What do we need in the kits?Refer to the Resources section for a first aid kit inventory based on number of employees.
What about mobile workplaces?Refer to the Resources section for a first aid kit inventory for vehicles.

How many people must be trained?Each shift must have a minimum of one certified first aid responder who works in the immediate vicinity of the first aid station.
Which course is valid?St. John’s Ambulance Standard First Aid or its equivalent.

Kit Inspections
How often must the kit be inspected?Kits must be inspected quarterly. The inspections must be documented on a recording form that is maintained and located in the first aid station.

First Aid Log
What information must be recorded?You need to keep records of all first aid treatments administered.

Do you need to record every first aid treatment?

You need to keep records of all first aid that is administered. To make it easier, create a log that stays with the first aid kit. It might seem like overkill to record every time someone uses a bandage but even those minor injuries tell a story. If you find that people are using bandages daily because they pinched their fingers on the same piece of equipment, then you have just identified a hazard in your workplace. Use that information to make your workplace safer.

Reporting Injuries to WSIB

Employers must report work-related accidents/illness to the WSIB if they learn a worker:

  • Requires health care (hospital, dentist, chiropractor, physiotherapist, etc.)
  • Is absent from regular work (due to the work-related injury or illness)
  • Earns less than regular pay, for regular work (e.g. only working partial hours)
  • Requires modified work at less than regular pay (for more than seven calendar days)

It is not necessary to complete a WSIB Form 7 for first-aid-only injuries.

An Employer’s Report of Injury/Disease Form 7 must be sent to the WSIB within three business days of the worker reporting the injury, or the day you become aware of the injury (whichever is earlier).

You may be assessed penalties for not submitting this form in a timely manner. It is important to let all employees know that if they do get medical aid (visit an emergency room, doctor, dentist or chiropractor) because of a workplace-related injury, that they must let you know immediately.

Remember, if the injury or illness meets the MLTSD definition of critical injury, then you must follow the reporting requirements outlined in the Safety Roadmap Injury Reporting & Investigation section.

See the Resource section for a First Aid Kit Inventory and First Aid Treatment Log.


First Aid Kit Monthly Inventory - 1-5 workers, 6-15 workers, 16-199 workers | An easy to use document to manage your first aid kit's monthly inventory. Employers are encouraged to use, reproduce, or customize this document / template to meet their health and safety requirements.

First Aid Log | A first aid log template. Employers are encouraged to use, reproduce, or customize this document / template to meet their health and safety requirements.

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