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EMPLOYER WSPS.CA 130-BPS-09-IGOT © 2024, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) 1 877 494 WSPS (9777) | 905 614 1400 3 # HAZARD/ INJURY RISK LEGAL REFERENCE/ CSA STANDARD CONTROL RECOMMENDATIONS 1 Crush hazards from in-running nip points. OHSA s. 25, 26 O.Reg 851 s.25 CSA Z.432 Safeguarding of Machinery Install in-running nip guards. 2 Entanglement hazards. OHSA s. 25, 26 O.Reg 851 s.24 CSA Z.432 Safeguarding of Machinery Install guards around rotating equipment (i.e. end caps). Install barrier guards or interlocked guards. 3 Struck by hazards from falling objects (from conveyors). Impact with underside of belt (including drawn-in hazards). OHSA s. 25, 26 O.Reg 851 s. 24, 26, 34, 35 CSA Z.432 Safeguarding of Machinery Install guarding along sides of conveyors to prevent items from falling. Ensure employees never duck under or walk on conveyors. Install guarding under conveyors. Install appropriate under-conveyor walkways with plate and guards (to prevent struck by or entanglement injuries). Install conveyor walkover bridges. 4 Belt ripped or parts protruding (splices) causing snags or cuts to workers. OHSA s. 25, 26 Ensure belts remain in good conditions (i.e. preventative maintenance and pre-use inspection reporting). 5 E-stop not within easy reach of operator causing a delay in activation. OHSA s. 25, 26 O.Reg 851 s.27 CSA Z.432 Safeguarding of Machinery Ensure E-stop is within easy reach of operator Ensure emergency pull cords have appropriate tension to easily activate. © 2024 Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) grants permission to approved end users to reproduce this document in whole or in part, provided its intended use is for non-commercial, educational purposes and that full acknowledgement is given to WSPS. WSPS reserves the right to extend this permission to other stakeholders and interested parties by express written permission upon application. WSPS extends no warranty to materials amended or altered by the end user. Under no circumstances is this document, or any portion thereof, to be duplicated for purposes of sale or for external reproduction or distribution. The information contained in this reference material is distributed as a guide only. It is generally current to the best of our knowledge as at the revision date, having been compiled from sources believed to be reliable and to represent the best current opinion on the subject. No warranty, guarantee, or representation is made by WSPS as to the absolute correctness or saliency of any representation contained in this reference material. WSPS assumes no responsibility in connection therewith; nor can it be assumed that all acceptable safety measures are contained in this reference material, or that other or additional measures may not be required in particular or exceptional conditions or circumstances.

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