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WORKER WSPS.CA 130-BPS-07-IGOT © 2024, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) 1 877 494 WSPS (9777) | 905 614 1400 1 Conveyors are a piece of equipment designed to help move articles or materials from one area to another. There are many kinds of conveyors that are used for moving different materials of things. The movement of items can present a wide variety of workplace hazards, including crush and entanglement hazards. Injuries can occur when equipment is not guarded or when workers work in an unsafe manner. Conveyor Safety What Workers Need to Know Responsibilities Report all physical damage to your supervisor immediately. Follow all safety procedures when operating conveyors. Never knowingly remove guards from the equipment. Never climb over or under the conveyor - use assigned walking paths. Critical Issues Always follow AUTO rule (never reach Around, Under, Through, or Over guards). Report missing guards right away to your Supervisor. Ensure hair is tied back and any items that could get caught in the conveyor are removed ie. jewellery, or loose-fitting clothing Before unjamming conveyors or cleaning , lockout all energy sources. Ensure that damaged belts are reported to your supervisor including rips, belt slips or protruding parts. Ensure that areas stay clear of trip or fall hazards.

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