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Types of Ladders There are many types of ladders and it is important to choose the right ladder for the task. Here are some different types: Extension/Straight Fixed Access Tripod Orchard (orchard use only – never use indoors or for smooth surface application) Stepladder Extension/Straight Ladders When using an extension or straight ladder, place the ladder on a firm surface. Make sure it has slip resistant feet, use secure blocking or have someone hold the ladder. When using extension ladders raise the extension ladder to the desired height and ensure both sides are locked. The top of the ladder should extend at least 3 feet above the roof line/contact point. Follow the '4 to 1' rule: one foot back for each four feet up. When you set up the ladder, count the number of rungs up to the point where the ladder touches the wall. The bottom of the ladder must be one rung's length out from the wall for every four rungs up the wall. If needed, secure the top of the ladder. Tie the top of the extension ladder to an anchor point. LADDER SAFETY WSPS.CA

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