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Hobbs Sarah

Sarah Hobbs

Specialized Consultant

Based in Ottawa, ON, ergonomist Sarah Hobbs helps federal organizations and provincial employers in Eastern Ontario strengthen MSD prevention through training, assessments, and program development.

"Too often, we see the reactive side in ergonomics. It's refreshing to be a part of WSPS, which focuses on combating hazards and injuries before they even start."

A Canadian Certified Professional Ergonomist (CCPE) and Registered Kinesiologist (R. Kin), Sarah has Master of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in Human Kinetics, and a certificate in Occupational Health and Safety. Her early fascination with the capabilities of the human body led to work as kinesiologist in the area of health and fitness. She switched her focus to ergonomics after realizing, "how much of what we do in a week revolves around working time."

Sarah feels rewarded on a daily basis as she helps companies prevent injuries. This was especially true as companies struggled to cope with the pandemic. "We were able to find innovative ways to meet their needs," says Sarah.

Whether it was virtual adaptation, reimagining MSD Prevention Programs, or training staff through brand new platforms, we have been there to support our customers throughout.

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