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Sara Lambie

Health & Safety Consultant

Led by a commitment to safeguarding farm operators and their workers, Sara’s expertise as a generalist in health and safety consulting is gained from first-hand experience within the agricultural community. Originally on an alternate career path, her journey began during an opportune summer job placement where she witnessed the transformative impact of health and safety in the workplace.

“I originally became interested in working in the health and safety field during a summer job. I could really see what a difference a strong safety culture could make.”

Armed with a health and safety certificate and CRSP designation, Sara’s understanding of the unique challenges faced in the agricultural sector stems from a collaborative approach. She recognizes the unique dynamic of individual workplaces and takes pride in offering customized assistance.

“I love working with various companies and people to help them achieve their safety goals in a way that works for them. Safety discussions need to be relevant to the workplace. It isn't a one size fits all. I enjoy tailoring safety solutions to meet specific needs.”

Sara is dedicated to creating safer work environments with her extensive knowledge of hazards, policies, programs, health and safety law and risk management. Her motivation lies in lifelong learning and the opportunity to integrate fresh insights.

“Learning something new and finding the opportunity to relate it to my previous work knowledge and experiences is very motivating. It's about discovering a way to apply information to a new situation.”

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