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Ryan Dick

Health and Safety Consultant

Ryan is motivated to get others thinking about what is truly important at the end of the day. His trajectory from cattle farmers’ son to volunteer to health and safety consultant was a path that made him acutely aware of the need to improve health and safety in the agricultural sector. Whether working with livestock, crops or operations, Ryan brings experience and insights to the table he hopes will help enrich the lives of those he works with.

A drive to keep my coworkers safe from harm led me to volunteer as health and safety representative. Seeing neighbors and clients injured on the farm really demonstrated the need to increase safety awareness in the sector. The opportunity to advance my skills to the next level and expand the scope of safety-first awareness in agriculture is what attracted me to WSPS.

Ryan’s multi-faceted experience includes field inspections as a Licensed Seed Crop Inspector under the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the Canadian Seed Growers Association (CSGA). He possesses an Agricultural Exterminator License with extensive knowledge of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, safe operating procedures and application methods and is also a Certified Legal Assistant with a solid understanding of regulations and requirements for farmers. Ryan continues to network and volunteer as an Ontario Federation of Agriculture member, and Renfrew County Soil & Crop member.

“Farming has always been part of my life. Coming home at the end of a day and knowing you have imparted knowledge that can change lives is truly a rewarding and satisfying experience. Having that opportunity every day is truly inspirational and keeps me excited about working with WSPS.”

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