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Brenner Rishma

Rishma Brenner

Senior Health & Safety Consultant

WSPS's customers can take a giant leap in their health and safety journey by adopting a management systems approach, says Rishma Brenner. "Helping companies progress from having a health and safety program to having an integrated health and safety management system is exciting and the possibilities for customers are endless."

Having an OHS management system that follows an accepted standard like ISO 45001:2018 allows companies to apply problem-solving strategies at all levels of the organization, yielding benefits such as improved health and safety performance, reduced costs, improved business efficiency and more. When consulting with customers, Rishma feels especially satisfied by, "those moments of realization that occur when I explain how a management system can help them."

With a Bachelor of Science in Biological Engineering, Rishma began her career as an ergonomist before moving into the broader world of health and safety and then into management systems.

WSPS has provided a way for me to help a myriad of companies with my expertise. I provide customized solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes to ultimately help every worker go home safely every day.

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