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Zaki Rafik

Rafik Zaki

Specialized Consultant

With 16 years' experience in the field of machine safety and robotics, Rafik has the ability to tap into customers' needs quickly and deliver lasting solutions. He offers consulting and training in areas such as hazard identification and risk assessment, lockout/tagout, safeguarding, and management systems.

Customers in Central Ontario appreciate the energy and dedication he brings to the job. After a recent training session on hazard identification and risk assessment, one large customer reported, "The feedback I got from my team was positive; they said that the theoretical portion was very informative."

Rafik has a Bachelor of Arts in Mechanical Engineering from Alexandria University. He is a Professional Engineer, licensed by Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) as well as a Certified Machine Safety Expert (CMSE). "Since day one of my first job, my passion has been to merge quality, environment and safety with engineering to achieve best results."

Best results, for Rafik, means keeping customers and individuals safe.

Working with customers in different industries and providing solutions that save lives makes me proud.

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