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Norm Kramer

Specialized Consultant

Norm Kramer's deep understanding of warehouse and distribution operations translates into winning health and safety solutions for the workplaces he assists. Appreciative customers include Coca-Cola Canada, which developed a comprehensive pedestrian safety program under Norm's guidance, affecting nearly 3,000 employees in multiple facilities.

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Norm has provided excellent on-site service to many of our facilities and employees. His work included understanding the needs through employee and management interactions and then providing guided unbiased recommendations. ... [H]e has helped me resolve a concerning issue.”

David Roberts, National Manager, Environment and Safety | Coca-Cola Canada

An occupational health and safety professional for over 25 years, Norm has worked extensively in the area of warehouse and distribution for the last decade. He provides risks assessments, helps firms develop prevention programs and also develops and delivers training solutions.

Norm is a Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) as well as a Professional in Materials Management (P.MM), with a comprehensive knowledge of the business and safety needs of warehouses and distribution centres. He tailors solutions to meet each customer's unique needs, support behaviour change and reduce risk.

His greatest satisfaction comes from seeing a workplace implement safety solutions and achieve positive business outcomes.

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