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Laura Veldhuyzen

Specialized Consultant

Laura Veldhuyzen

Assessing individual needs and furnishing tailored solutions with a personalized approach; that’s the goal behind every interaction in Laura’s role as a Specialized Ergonomics Consultant with Workplace Safety & Prevention Services. Working collaboratively with firms across southern Ontario, she conducts ergonomic risk assessments and recommends design solutions and best practices to keep workers healthy, productive, comfortable and safe.

“Having seen the effects of poor ergonomics and health and safety, I am passionate about reducing workplace injuries through collaboration with customers and colleagues. I find the personal interaction extremely rewarding, especially when presenting effective recommendations that can be successfully implemented.”

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, Laura is a Registered Kinesiologist and a Canadian Certified Professional Ergonomist with a Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety. Her expertise has been shared with leading companies in the manufacturing, administrative, health care and municipal sectors facilitating the integration of ergonomics into operations.

Laura is also a trusted voice in musculoskeletal hazard awareness and risk reduction and delivers training to varied audiences on multiple platforms. Through a future focused lens, she values opportunities for ongoing professional development and research to meet the challenges ahead.

As workplaces evolve, so does the approach to ergonomics and health and safety. It is important to stay current to be able to provide customers with the best service possible.”

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